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The A-B-C’s of Getting Better Z’s

by Dr. Lindsay Northam on April 17, 2014

Feel like you’re falling short on getting good sleep? You’re not alone.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says between 50 and 70 million people in the U.S. have difficulty with sleep! The association between sleep disturbances and chronic health problems has long been studied and emphasizes the importance of healthy sleep. Often times there can be simple solutions for chronic sleep problems.

Here are 10 easy steps to follow to lead to a more restorative night’s sleep:

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National Healthcare Decisions Day4-16-14 Healthcare Decisions-HandsNow is the time to make decisions about your future – while you are in good health and before you are sick or in the hospital.

That is why Methodist Health System is taking part in National Healthcare Decisions Day, to inspire, educate and empower the public and health care providers about the importance of advance care planning.

Thinking about your wishes now allows healthcare providers and facilities to be better equipped to address advance healthcare planning issues before a crisis and be better able to honor patients’ wishes when the time comes.

Today, fewer than 50 percent of severely or terminally ill patients have an advance directive in their medical records. National Healthcare Decisions Day is time to think about who you want to speak for you when you can no longer speak for yourself.

On Wed., April 16, free information and assistance related to advance directives (including living wills and powers of attorney for healthcare) will be available at Methodist Hospital from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Methodist experts, including social workers, Home Health and Hospice staff and Methodist Hospital chaplains will be able to help complete advance directive paperwork and answer any questions. The process doesn’t take long, and it is free.

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Lighting a Torch for Domestic Violence Assaults

Thumbnail image for Lighting a Torch for Domestic Violence Assaults April 14, 2014

The 2014 All About Omaha Torchlight Ball had one main purpose: to ignite a beacon of hope for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Methodist SANE/SART nurses attend the 2014 All About Omaha Torchlight Ball. Nearly 350 people attended the annual event which benefited Methodist Health System’s Heidi Wilke SANE/SART Survivor Program. The program, […]

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Love Lost, Life Gained

Thumbnail image for Love Lost, Life Gained April 10, 2014

Cancer was the furthest thing from Ed Morris’s mind. He prayed daily, ate good meals and exercised often. Before retirement, he was a bookkeeper by day and a semi-pro baseball catcher for the Fremont Merchants at night. Ed Morris receives ongoing care from his surgical oncologist, George Dittrick, MD, at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center. Read […]

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CBS Story Illustrates “The Meaning of Care” at Methodist

Thumbnail image for CBS Story Illustrates “The Meaning of Care” at Methodist April 8, 2014

Methodist Health System made national news on Friday, April 4, when the CBS Evening News “On the Road” segment featured our own Jon McAlpin – greeter at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center. The story, which aired again on Sunday, April 6 during CBS Sunday Morning, has reached a total estimated audience of over 12 million viewers […]

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#SexualAssault Hopes to Stop Attacks from Trending

Thumbnail image for #SexualAssault Hopes to Stop Attacks from Trending April 7, 2014

  It’s a message of help and healing… 140 characters at a time. “I think talking is the most healing thing we can do,” said Jennifer Tran, a nurse with Methodist Health System SANE/SART Survivor Program. “Get your story out there and have people hear it and help people learn from it. Just to talk… […]

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“Tiny Little Person” an Inspiration to Walk

Thumbnail image for “Tiny Little Person” an Inspiration to Walk April 3, 2014

Ellen Osborne can’t help welling up a little when she talks about her beautiful daughter, Caddie. “Caddie has inspired a lot of people,” said Ellen, choking back her emotions. “She’s so awesome. It’s just amazing how a tiny little person can inspire people.” Ellen and Adam Osborne with their daughter, Caddie. Photo by Lemon and […]

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Awareness Week Aims to Educate, Save Lives

Thumbnail image for Awareness Week Aims to Educate, Save Lives March 31, 2014

A sore throat that just won’t go away. A discolored sore or area inside your mouth. An unexplained lump in the neck that lasts for weeks. They’re all indicators of a potential health risk. Oral, Head and Neck Cancers are on the rise – some of them by as much as 6.5 percent each year. […]

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Cancer Diet is a “Numbers Game” of Nutrition

Thumbnail image for Cancer Diet is a “Numbers Game” of Nutrition March 25, 2014

When you think of cancer diagnosis and treatment, nutrition may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But it is top of mind for Chandy Lockman Hoke. Lockman Hoke is a board certified specialist in oncology nutrition dietician, one of only two in the State of Nebraska, and the only one in the […]

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Good Nutrition for a Long, Healthy Life

Thumbnail image for Good Nutrition for a Long, Healthy Life March 21, 2014

Kris Foley is passionate about food. Day after day, the Methodist Hospital clinical dietitian takes that passion to her patients, hoping what she knows about nutrition will help improve their lives – both during their hospital stay and after they leave. “Nutrition plays a big role here at the hospital because it helps you heal […]

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