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Nurses Make Wedding Miracles Happen

by Katina Gordon on May 25, 2015

Windorski Wedding at MethodistThe Windorski family experiences The Meaning of Care at Methodist. Pictured: Lori Kean, RN; Sebastian Edwards, RN; Roxi Windorski, Nick Chandler, and Kelli Windorski Chandler

“All the stars aligned perfectly and it was just meant to be.”

Sebastian Edwards, RN, was one of a handful of nurses caring for Mark Windorski. A cancer patient admitted to Methodist Hospital’s 6 North for an infection that had grown out of control, Mark spent several weeks under Sebastian’s care.

“They were a great family,” said Sebastian. “He was a big fisherman, I’m a big outdoorsman. It was easy to forget the hospital and just talk.”

Members of Mark’s tight-knit family visited every day. Although very sick, he was never alone.

A few months earlier, Mark had been diagnosed with lung cancer and given a 3-5 year life expectancy. But a few days into Mark’s extensive hospital stay, they heard a diagnosis they weren’t expecting.

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Methodist HospitalI arrived at Methodist Hospital for surgery with Dr. George J. Emodi. From everything I had heard about rotator cuff surgery, I was a little apprehensive as to what was laying ahead for me. The minute I walked into Methodist I felt more at ease. From the admitting staff to the pre op-staff, they were the best at what they do and the best I have ever had to deal with. The pre-op nurse was as good as there is and must be one of the best. Every bit of care I received was the best anyone could expect. To the ladies on 5 south I say, “Thank you for everything.” Every one of you are top rated care providers!!

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Cancer Treatment of the Future — Today

Thumbnail image for Cancer Treatment of the Future — Today May 18, 2015

Hematologist-oncologist Ralph Hauke, MD, FACP, shares more good news with Mike W. about his cancer’s response to experimental treatment. Personalized Immunotherapy Transforms Mike Wang’s Cancer Cells into Cancer-Killing Vaccine When Mike W.* retired, he was looking forward to enjoying many years with his wife, Jean, their four grown children and five grandchildren. Cancer was never […]

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Nurse Helps Heal Body and Mind

Thumbnail image for Nurse Helps Heal Body and Mind May 15, 2015

As a nurse, there are patients who challenge you when it comes to providing care and relief. They are in pain and perhaps don’t always easily hide their discomfort. Melinda Rawlings, BSN, RN from the Methodist Hospital Medical/Surgical Unit, recently faced one of those challenges. The result was a family who couldn’t be happier with […]

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Super Sprint Your Way into Spring Training

Thumbnail image for Super Sprint Your Way into Spring Training May 11, 2015

The parks and trails are full these days with people taking advantage of the warm spring weather by exercising outdoors. And who can blame them?! Spring is the perfect time to get in the swing of an exercise plan. As you consider your options, think about this: cross-training your way into a triathlon may be […]

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Got Arthritis? Six Steps to Joint Pain Relief

Thumbnail image for Got Arthritis? Six Steps to Joint Pain Relief May 8, 2015

The aches and pains that come with arthritis can range from the annoying to the debilitating. When you have arthritis, managing the symptoms and dealing with pain becomes a part of everyday life. “Arthritis is a degenerative change in the cartilage of your joints, where the padding that keeps bone from touching bone breaks down,” […]

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“They Completely Saved My Son’s Life”

Thumbnail image for “They Completely Saved My Son’s Life” May 4, 2015

Jack Lambert has been a surprise from day one. “His big sister was about six months old when I found out I was pregnant,” said Brandi Lambert, Jack’s mom. “It was a surprise that he was coming at all, and then a surprise when he came early at 28 weeks.” Brandi went in to see […]

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Methodist Medical Team Helps Karla Perez Leave a Lasting Legacy

Thumbnail image for Methodist Medical Team Helps Karla Perez Leave a Lasting Legacy April 30, 2015

Photographs of Angel Perez’s mother, Karla, adorn the Methodist Women’s Hospital NICU room where he is receiving care. Click here to view more pictures of Angel. Karla Perez was a young, vibrant 22-year-old. This mother of one, pregnant with her second child, loved to dance and was a good friend to anyone she met. What […]

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Walking for Emily

April 24, 2015

The Pankers family smiles for a picture during a visit to the Methodist Women’s Hospital NICU shortly after their twin girls, Madison and Emily, were born. Mindy Pankers found out she was expecting on Mother’s Day. Her joy turned to surprise when she discovered she was having twins. Her excitement was quickly overshadowed when maternal-fetal […]

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The Meaning of Care Focused on Patient and Family

Thumbnail image for The Meaning of Care Focused on Patient and Family April 20, 2015

At Methodist, we know that when it comes to patient care, it’s about more than just one person. For every patient we treat, there are many more who are concerned about what happens to the ones they love. The patient’s loved ones – the spouse or significant other, parents, children, siblings – all are directly […]

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