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Homemade Nutrition for One or Two

by Beth Hyland, MS, RD, LMNT on March 26, 2015

Perhaps you can relate to this scenario:  It’s Thursday evening. You come home from work hungry and tired.  Although you want to eat a healthy and satisfying meal, you don’t have the energy or motivation to plan, cook and clean up, especially if you’re cooking for yourself.

I know many friends and clients who struggle daily with the temptation to grab a frozen dinner or a take-out meal from a local restaurant.  But cooking for one or two and having a hectic schedule does not exclude you from enjoying healthy, fast and fresh meals!

The first step in making any lifestyle change is to have a plan – in this case, a weekly menu plan.  Preparing a weekly menu allows you to shop for the specific ingredients you need, saving time and money while decreasing food waste.  A weekly menu plan also eliminates the guesswork on your hungry and tired Thursday evening.

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Free Cancer Screenings Aim to Save Lives

by Katina Gordon on March 23, 2015

The worrisome symptoms are ones that just won’t go away:

• Difficulty swallowing
• Difficulty breathing
• Ear pain
• A sore in the mouth or throat
• Voice changes
• Lump in the neck

They are all signs of oral, head and neck cancer –tumors in the head or neck region, including the nasal cavity, sinuses, lips, mouth, throat, or larynx (voice box), and thyroid and salivary glands.

“Head and neck cancers tend to cause a lot of dysfunction with things we take for granted – our speech, swallowing, breathing, taste,” said Dr. Andrew Coughlin, head and neck oncologist at the Head and Neck Oncology Clinic at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center. “You need to catch these things early because if you let them grow, the surgery or treatment becomes much more aggressive and can really cause a lot of problems with quality of life.”

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Nurse’s Care Speaks from the Heart

Thumbnail image for Nurse’s Care Speaks from the Heart March 18, 2015

Anne Boatright, RN, SANE, is passionate about Methodist’s SANE/SART Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Program. “Being able to provide care to patients of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking is unlike anything else,” said Boatright. “You’re never going to find anybody who is more vulnerable, more desperate and in need of someone who is […]

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Giving the Gift of Life

Thumbnail image for Giving the Gift of Life March 16, 2015

Did you know each year nearly five million people in the U.S. need a blood transfusion? However, many people are unaware of the details involved in blood donation. March is Red Cross Month, and one of the most vital services they provide is the coordination of blood donation. In many ways, giving blood is literally […]

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Birthday Celebrates Past, Present and Future

Thumbnail image for Birthday Celebrates Past, Present and Future March 13, 2015

Nicholas Topalian, father of baby Hatley, accepts gifts from Girl Scout Troop 43631 in honor of Girl Scout Birthday. At Methodist Women’s Hospital, they celebrate a lot of birthdays. But on Thursday, a very special birthday event was celebrated by a troop of girls and a very lucky new baby. Members of Girl Scout Troop […]

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Night Celebrates Inner Beauty

Thumbnail image for Night Celebrates Inner Beauty March 12, 2015

For four straight years, Omaha Fashion Week‘s Cancer Survivors Style Show has brought healing and inspiration. Sponsored by Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center, it’s a night dedicated to those brave individuals fighting the battle of their lives. This year, nearly 100 survivors – ranging from just one year old on up – took to the runway […]

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Cancer Survivors Take On the Runway

Thumbnail image for Cancer Survivors Take On the Runway March 11, 2015

Cancer comes in all shapes and sizes… and now in the hottest fashions. This year, nearly 100 models – men, women and even children who are all cancer survivors – will walk the runway at Omaha Fashion Week as part of the Cancer Survivors Style Show. The annual event benefits Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center’s Inner […]

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What’s the Deal with Gluten?

Thumbnail image for What’s the Deal with Gluten? March 9, 2015

As the world evolves, our food follows suit. Different products are being manufactured in new ways every day, causing the number of sensitivities and intolerances to skyrocket due to consumer unawareness. The most popular target item today is no other than the infamous GLUTEN. Gluten has been receiving a bad rap in the health industry […]

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Patient Finds a Sisterhood of Survivors at Estabrook

Thumbnail image for Patient Finds a Sisterhood of Survivors at Estabrook March 6, 2015

My entire family has always used another Omaha health care system ever since I can remember. Due to my parent’s health issues and age, I have been around hospitals and doctors more than I wanted to. Recently, my primary care physician referred me to a Methodist gynecologic oncologist, Dr. Nadkarni. So needless to say, my […]

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Five Ways to Boost Nutrition When Busy

Thumbnail image for Five Ways to Boost Nutrition When Busy March 5, 2015

Your alarm clock is buzzing, it’s time for another hectic day. You have a million things to do and while you know eating well throughout the day is important, it sometimes may feel like more of an obstacle then it should. Don’t worry I am here to help! Try these tips for mastering nutrition while […]

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