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Caring from the First Hello

by Katina Granger on January 20, 2017

Methodist Hospital ValetsWhen Jen Nelson’s father was receiving care at Methodist Hospital, she experienced for herself The Meaning of Care.

“It is very difficult to have your loved one in the hospital,” wrote Jen, a nurse on Methodist’s cardiac unit.  “It is hard to separate my role as the nurse from my role as the daughter. Thankfully, the staff at our hospital made that easier for me. The kindness and compassion shown to me and my family was unforgettable – everyone was more than kind and generous.”

Read Jen’s letter to Methodist Hospital.

Jen says the kindness and compassion she experienced started right at the front door. She was greeted every day by the valets who opened the front door for her.

“The valet drivers, who opened the door for me almost every day, always had a smile and a friendly greeting,” said Jen. “It made a difficult situation a little easier.”

Free valet parking is just one of the services patients and guests at Methodist receive. Valet service is available at the Methodist Hospital North Tower upper drive, at the east entrance of Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center and occasionally at the Methodist Hospital emergency department.

“Parking cars is something that we do to accomplish what we’re really here for, and that’s to help everybody who comes to our hospital, whether we park their car or not,” said Sean O’Corrain, manager of the valet service at Methodist. “First and foremost we greet our guests, and then we provide any service or assistance they need such as parking, directions, wheelchairs, lifting or carrying items, delivering flowers or whatever else we need to do for the convenience, comfort and safety of our patients and visitors.”

Methodist Hospital ValetsValet drivers often have cars ready and waiting for patients as they leave their appointments at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center, and form long-lasting relationships with those patients they see on a regular basis.

“We develop friendships with patients,” said O’Corrain. “People often come back and tell us what a difference we made.”

“The valets know how to stage vehicles so when patients leave their chemotherapy treatment their car is right there,” said Matt Shaw, Director of Public Safety at Methodist Health System. “It’s a convenience that makes a big difference when you aren’t feeling well.”

It also makes a difference to those who are having difficulty simply finding a place to park. Instead of circling the parking garage in search of a space when time is running short for an appointment, valet drivers urge visitors, patients and guests to allow them to ease their stress.

“We try to encourage people who are searching for a parking space to come to us,” said O’Corrain. “It’s free. We’ll take care of you. The more we can do to help people feel welcome and more relaxed the better. We take that part seriously. That’s why we’re here. To put smiles on their faces if we can.”

For Jen, those smiles came with the first hellos and welcoming smiles. At a time of worry, they made all the difference in the world.

Katina Granger is a blogger and PR/Social Media Specialist for Methodist Health System.
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