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Technology at Methodist Women’s Hospital Provides another Layer of Safety for Infants

by Katina Granger on January 24, 2017

With a flash of green light on their tiny little toes, infants at Methodist Women’s Hospital are provided with a blanket of added security.

It comes in the form of CertaScan, a digital system that helps capture identifying information about the hospital’s newest arrivals.

“CertaScan captures baby’s footprint much in the same way that used to be done with the old ink pads and paper,” said Matt Shaw, Director of Public Safety for Methodist Health System. “However, this new digital system instantly links those foot prints in to a national database that parents can use to provide to law enforcement in the event of an emergency. It’s added security without the mess.”

Every baby is scanned and photographed within hours of delivery at Methodist Women’s Hospital. With each newborn footprint and image, CertaScan issues the infant a unique identification number in a national database. That number is then given to parents who can opt to add additional information or simply print out their baby’s own footprint. The information is not kept at the hospital or linked with the infant’s name or patient records.

“As a hospital, we have no need to maintain identity-type information on an infant,” said Shaw. “However, in the case of an emergency like an abduction or natural disaster, parents could give the information to law enforcement. It could help identify that baby and help reunite him with his parents.”

Methodist Women’s Hospital added CertaScan last October, becoming the first hospital in Omaha to do so, and the first hospital in the region to then be fully compliant with recommendations for added security from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The hospital’s security measures now meet and exceed their recommendations.

“It’s an added expense here at Methodist, but it’s so worth it,” said Shaw. “We have lots of security features in place to protect our babies while they are here, and this technology puts us on the forefront, adding a new layer of safety for even after they leave. It’s something we’re really proud to do.”

 Click here to learn more about CertaScan Technologies.

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